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Swastik Gauges and Tools!

All our gauges are made out of alloy steel viz. NS, HCHC, Bohler Alloy Steel and they are hardened up to 60 +- 2RC., tempered, stabilized, Grounded and lapped.

We carry rigid inspection at every stage and the final inspection is done at controlled temperature of 20 degree centigrade with modern instruments

Terms and Conditions
  1. Please go through our Products List and obtain rates by clicking on respective products
    1. Prices indicated for plugs are for DOUBLE END consisting of GO and NOGO
    2. Price indicated for Rings are for Go or NOGo
    3. For seeting plugs and check plugs add 90% to the basic price of double ended screw plug gauges
    4. Prices of single ended GO or NOGO screw plugs are 60% of that of double-ended screw plug gauges
    5. Prices of single ended NOGO wear check plug gauges are 90% of that of double ended screw plug gauges
  2. For any class of fit other than medium, add to the basic list price
    1. Plugs : 40%
    2. Rings upto 24 dia : 30%
    3. Rings more than 24 dia : 30%
  3. For LEFT HAND gauges add to the basic list price
    1. Plugs : 30%
    2. Rings upto 30 dia. : 30%
    3. Rings more than 30 dia : 30%
  4. Recalibration services available
  5. Our gauges are traceable to N.P.L Delhi.
  6. For Acme, trapezoidal, buttress, Mod, Square, PG, BS Conduit, Gauges prices will be on request. .
  7. Thread Ring Gauges upto nominal dia. 24 mm are manufactured & checked with the help of calibrated master check plug gauges.
  8. Thread ring gauges above nominal dia. 24mm are checked by direct measurement method with the help of length measuring machine.
  9. All care has been taken while updating data on website. However rates & other specifications displayed here are for indication only. You are requested to contact the firm for any final details

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